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May 3, 2006

PARIS !!! UH ... I SPIT ON YOU!!!!
After such a lovely stay in Paris i had one horrible little incident on my way to Gare de Lyon the morning I was leaving ::: a taxi driver was pissed off with me because the ride was far enough for him and when i caught drift of what he was going on about i walked away .... he kept up his tirade and when i turned (luckily from across the street) to give him the Susan Whittall look he spat at me.... nice huh
That aside...
I travelled by speed train TGV down to Lyon past gorgeous country side ... fields of dark green and bright yellow ... to the place of my mothers birth.
I walked for gazillion kilometres that same day all around that old town and up THAT hill to the basillica and cemetries and roman ruins and rose gardens.
Tried to imagine my grandparents there walking beside me and my grandfather sitting in the cafes ...
unfortunately i was VERY fluey the next day and didnt leave the hotel room but felt satisfied to jut stay put and read and watch BBC and Deal or no Deal in Italian ....
a few trains and places and I find myself in Venice .... I was excited about coming here and have been on a high since arriving yesterday afternoon ... from the second i came out of the termini i have been bamboozled with things to look at ....and you should all know what a visual person i am so im in overload at the moment... im trying to take it in slowly ...
will probably stay longer than i expected
Please keep sending the emails... from now until Japan i wont be catching up with anyone i know ... and i do enjoy hearing your bits of news even if i dont reply all the time. Internet rate here at the moment is 8 euros/hour!!!  ($15 AUD) so time is usually spent checking next destination.
lSusan xx

Posted at 08:09 am by kityau
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Apr 30, 2006
Paris ...

well... the louvre; musee de orsay; notre dame; eiffel tower; versailles etc etc etc  are all done...
ive just had my last dinner in paris... pastis .... souppe poisson ... canard orange... creme brulee ... a couple of glasses of wine.....
my feet are aching and my back is sore .... but i feel great
how about some gossip from some of you
LIZ - i have NO info on Slovinia .... want to send me some of your knowledge...
Love Susan XX

Posted at 08:22 am by kityau
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Apr 29, 2006

bonjour again
to say i am enjoying paris is an understatement ..... i DO like it here ....i REALLY do
ive done many of the tourist traps but also  loads of walking .... and talking!!!
tonight was the first night i had dinner alone.... and you all think im a lonely old girl travelling all by myself ... im even running into people ive had previous conversations with... french and tourists
one thing im enjoying the most after the states and UK over here is the food.... what a difference! ... and you all should know how much i love my food
ive had everything from the 4€ gyros to fancy schmansy ducks and fish and loads of wine  ....the odd plate of fromage ... and a good lot of salads and veges which i think my body was still screaming for after the states
I had a morning getting myself organised .... nothing was booked after paris ... so i made myself buy a eurail pass and even booked accom in Lyon in a 'nice' hotel ... balances things out from 'the tiniest room in Paris' .... i even have my ticket to venice .... and a ticket to Lubiyjana to boot
i need  do some more booking so thats it for now ....
by the way
whats that hormone women give off that attract men? Pheromones???? i cant remember.... (its being away - i forget these things - its an anagram of those letters im sure) ....whatever it is - i think i must have had it coming out of every one of my pores this week .... hope it settles down ....
the guy across from me here at the internet place keeps saying things to me in french and smiling... i just keep agreeing smiling and shrugging my shoulders .... sigh.....

Posted at 08:24 am by kityau
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Apr 25, 2006
The tiniest room in Paris

Can you believe it ......5 weeks into my trip i finally saw BLUE sky for the whole day a couple of days ago..... it was in London !!!!! and of course rained the next day
I caught up with Nicole in the end so it was good to finally see her and do a big catch up .... Kit - do you want to come to Prague for the weekend with us????
Cant believe Im finally in Paris ...
Mind you .....I dont think i want to catch another flight for a while.... the flight from Heathrow was delayed once we got on the tarmac -  so we sat there for nearly two hours before we took off!!!! AAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
I have to say im loving listening to the French speak .... its funny because they say things to me all the time ( i must look half french!!!) today - standing around out of the rain ... several people spoke to me ....i was guessing they were just saying - ITS PISSING DOWN isnt it... so I nod and shake my head and shrug in true french style and then they agree with similar actions
The other thing im loving over here is the french men!!!!
How good looking are they!!!!! I noticed it at Charles de Gaulle and havent stopped perving since. Even the older ones .... like he 50 year olds .... they all look great.
Im staying in the tiniest single room in the whole of paris.... it is the weirdest little hotel Ive ever seen.... think shabby chic with the emphasis on shabby  - but in a funky quirky old aunt from france way... its directly south from Notre Dame - you step out the door and ND is just there to your left across the seine ....and it has  a little enclosed park opposite
Ive had a busy today Jardin Luxembourg- Pantheon- mussels and salmon for lunch with a glass of red- inside Notre dame ( didnt go up to see the gargolyles - the line was too long- will do that tomorrow morning° ... and up to hotel de ville-  then about 4 hours in the pompidou centre
I just had dinner with 3 young french people ... they were a scream
The oldest -  Damiien - wanted me to guess how old he was  - i said 25 ... he was 23 .... so i got him to guess how old I was.... he said .... wait for it.... 31 -33 .... yes ... im still smiling.... since you ALL know how old I am.... and then he said - but i would have sex with you --------- his 16 year old girlfriend had just gone to the bathrrom ... he gave me his number before he left.... HA!!!
You have to love the french male ....
and DAMN that tiniest room in paris!!!!!
Love Susan xx

Posted at 08:25 am by kityau
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Apr 19, 2006

im not too sure where i am !!!!!!... places called clacton by the sea and frinton by the sea and walton on the naze ....
Dawn is dragging me all around essex showing me houses and beaches ....we seem to be doing a lot of carboot sales and charity shops ...  and pubs ...
have booked a flight to go to paris on sunday
short and sweet i know but thats all i have time for

Posted at 08:27 am by kityau
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Apr 11, 2006

Hello everyone
Cant remember where i was last time i wrote ...
Flew into Dublin about a week ago and spent a couple of nights there ... managed to have some GUINESS AND LISTEN TO SOME LIVE IRISH MUSIC IN ONE OF THE BARS AROUND TEMPLE bar
WENT on  a long walk in and out of most of the little tourist bits of dublin ... but missed out on the Guiness tour ...
Spent about 24 hours in Cork  .... enjoyed the 'english'  markets( go figure?????) and colourfully painted buildings ... went to Blarney and  ... yes  ... i did put my lips where millions of others have in the past .... I did kiss the Blarney Stone ... ( felt like it was a baptism of sorts being held by that guy and falling back). ... have photo proof...  loved dthe castle and the feel of the estate .Met a Malaysian couple there and spent some time with them.
From Cork I went to Tralee ...just past Killarney ..
I stayed with a friend... Dawns ex actually for those of you who know her ... HE HAS JUST FINISHED BUILDING A HOUSE on his familys field... a few hundred acres ??? ... which overlooks Tralee Bay ... My room faced the bay so i had a magnificent panorama of the area   
HIS house is actually in Camp .... it has a run of 4 pubs other businesses that i noticed ... we visited 3 of the pubs ... One of the old local ladies had died so the days all seemed to be geared around her wake one night , the service the next and the funeral the day after... Good ol' Mary from Camp ... never met her but i did seem to part of her send off....
Denny and Ian (Dawns Cousin) took me to a Gaelic football match which i hate to admit i thoroughly enjoyed ... very similar to Aussie Rules ... except for the tight shorts  ...IT WAS kERRY VERSES dUBLIN. kERRY needed to win or at least tie to get into the semi finals the locals were very intense about evry movement made out on the field ... it was 12 all and the end of the game.... 
I dont think i heard the word 'fuck' said so many times and in so many ways as i did during that game ... "YE FECKIN PRICK" was the most common ....
Fish anb chips and mushy peas followed the game .. chased down with you betcha ... more Guiness ....I admit to changing to Lager ....Id had enough liquid vegemite
I saw parts of the Dingle peninsula (apparently identical to Ring Of Kerry with less tourists) ... went for a long  walk down the hill from Dennys house and along the beach... i think one of my ears fell off while i was there .... and .... watched some tele .!
Came up to Dublin last night via Limerick ... but didnt stop there... found a B&B to stop in and went out walking ...Ran into the Malaysian couple again so had the evening with them ....fortunately Id already had a lovely big dinner before i ran into them .. theyre travelling on a really tight budget so sharing a big mac meal between them was  their meal ...
I have to tell you about the dinner i had.It was a monstrous monstrous plate of steamed (boiled actually- but still crisp) veges  .... LOADS of mash and three chunky slices of boiled bacon with parsley sauce ... I think it was the best meal i had since i left ...and that includes swish NY places ...OHHHH it hit the spot last night i can tell you. I think i just needed VEGES and some protein!!! I washed it down with 3 cups of milky sweet tea ... (i only ever drink tea black....)
Im going tout to the Aran Islands in a miute - and go on a tour through  Burren (?)...and Cliffs of Mohor tomorrow...
Not sure what happens after that ... either back to London ... or back to Tralee to escort Charlie (Dawn and Dennys daughter) back to Dawn on Sunday
Love Susan xxx

Posted at 08:28 am by kityau
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Apr 5, 2006
Daffs are up!

LONDON is cold ... but the daffodils are up in St James Park ... AND THE DUCKS GEESE ANd SWANS ARE HAPPY DOING WAHT THEY DO
sPENT AGREAT PART OF one DAY AT THE vICTORIA AND albert Museum .... i think it was THE perfect place to be. i LOVED IT  ... I kept thinking Lyn should be with me  ..just like Jannice should have been with me for Museum Of Modern Art in New York ...
and how the girls should be with me shopping ....
the crowds around Picadilly Circus are a scream ... actually - they do scream al ot ... and it is abit of a circus ... but lots of fun to people watch ... especially those English girls who go out in their singlet tops ,short skirts and opened shoes in 0 degrees in the evening ... I have about 7 layers on!!
Everyone in the service industry is from anywhere but UK ... lots of aussies (surprise surprise) and lots of Russians
Harrods was so boring ... i think iwas in there for about 10 minutes and gave up ... gave it a second go another day but did the same ... the Egyptian theme is a bit much ... the shrine and staue for Di and Dodi ... well what can I say .
Visited the Paxtons Head pub in Knightsbridge where Graham worked ...and i did some days ... back in 1980 ...we spent a lot of time at that hotel ...  i walked in and it felt like i was 24 again ...  pregnant with Aila and not being able to drink!!!! ...i think i had the odd one ..
im rambling now
getting ready for ireland tomorrow (the rambling....)
xx susan

Posted at 08:28 am by kityau
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Apr 1, 2006

Hi Everyone!
Well... New York is done for me for now ... Its definitely a place you never feel you have done.... like one guy said ... you need a year and a million dollars to do NY!
There a lots of things i didnt do ....ill just have to do them next time ...
a highlight was actually when i went to Niagara Falls. I FLEW UP AND SPENT A NIGHT AT A HOTEL OPPOSITE THE rAINBOW bridge which is the one connecting the us side with the canadian side...
I WENT TO canada the same day !
bloody caps lock... SORRY ABOUT THAT ...
Ive just arrived in London (via a transfer in Frankfurt)... its about 7 am New York time ..and i havent slept ... caught the tube to the city but it got as far as Earls court and they kicked everyone off and said the line was closed and to change to the train opposite ... of coUrse it didnt go thru Picadilly i got off at Victoria station and caught a cab
Im staying at a hotel called the Regent Palce ... where Aila and Glenn stayed last August ... Its right in Picadilly circus ...busy... central ... with lots of what looks like tourist traps ....
Apart from feeling like im about 50 years old (ha)... im having a ball ... just wish more of you were travelling at the moment to share some of this ...
Just worked out the caps lock is where my shift key normally is ...
Better go and do some tourist stuff even tho i feel brain dead.
Didnt get to walk the Brooklyn Bridge Nigel .... Sorry!

Posted at 08:29 am by kityau
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Mar 26, 2006

I am SOOOO tired!!!!! MY POOR little feet... (in their NEW Diesel sneakers)
I bought a weekly metro ticket for the subway and buses but I seem to keep WALKING and WALKING.... I really enjoy seeing all the stufff in between places ... they do say its the journey NOT the destination!
Have managed to do a few of the touristy things ... Empire State Building ( i wish some one had told me how COLD and WINDY it was up ther before i went!), Museum of Natural History( 6 hours), Macys, Century 21, World Trade Centre site ... Battery Park... Greenwich Village, Chinatown,,,,.... more hotdogs and Burgers ... i even had one of those big pretzels ... and a ROOT beer .... which tasted like soda water with cough syrup.
Ive seen squirrels, caught wrong trains on the subways,have had to repeat myself a thousand times ... aussie accents are apparently difficult to understand...
had dinner accidently last night with a Russian lady who came for a holiday and stayed ... shes been here for 9 months and hasnt met any men at all ... our entire dinner seemed to be taken up with her on that topic actually!!!!
Havent seen too much of Malia except for her birthday dinner ... which was at a great fusion type restaurant called Sushi Samba ... japanese and peruvian! we had cocktails and Austarlian Verdello....
My new hotel .... in the shadow of the empire state building....was built in 1904 and is very oldyworldy ...the lobby ceiling is all cast with scrolls and garlands and little busts ... chandeliers ....and i see the top half of the Empire Building from my window a few exhibitioists in the apartments across the road ... i tried not to look but...
Thiis hotel much more upmarket (and uptown than the one i spent my first couple of nights.Its in the Korean section of NY lovely little places to eat. Theres a great Vintage clothing shop a few metres away ... with an unbelievable collection of dresses and accessories....
thats all for now

Posted at 08:30 am by kityau
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Mar 23, 2006
One Hour in NY

Im in heaven !!!!
Ive been in NEW YORK for an hour and i want to move here!
After a a tedious ride from the airport this morning.... (3.30 am LAS VEGAS time) i got to my hotel and slept for a couple of hours ...
I lovve the view from my hotel window from the 6th floor - its in Greenwich Village .. roof tops for miles and chimneys and sculptural air con things ... trees with no leaves ... yellow school buses ...
There are places to eat EVERY WHERE ... so good after LV where it was literally all burgers and dogs and fries ... and i could eat at any one of the places here and there all there on my doorstop.
I sat down in a diner (Which was exactly as you would imagine it ...) and was totally consumed by it as i sat there and consumed my french toast and side order of bacon and bottomless regular coffee...
all those years of watching american tv has paid off!
I sat there and listened to the owners who spoke greek to each other - even the italian and chinese side cooks -  whinge and complain about the customers ... and then turn a nd smile at them and say .... " how ya doin there"
The streets are full of newstands and drug stores and police .... one policewoman was disciplining her horse and one guy yelled out to her ... how do you do that ... she replied its all with the legs ... he said thanks  i can use it with my wife .... and without missing a beat she says with such attitude,,, sounds like you have personal problems SIR.
Speaking of attitude ... they dont seem to have a "happy hour " here ... one bar I passed had it as the "ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT " hour... I love it!

Posted at 08:31 am by kityau
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